2nd Gourd Challenge of 2016

The 2nd Challenge - The Theme is “Back In the Day”

 Use your imagination! When you think or say “Back in the Day” what are your memories of? Is it your early school years, family, friends, holidays, vacations, old TV shows, music you grew up listening to. The list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  

 You can use a whole gourd, cut or gourd pieces. Any technique and product can be used.

Remember to challenge yourself with a new technique or product.

A few simple rules:

  1. This must be a new creation for this challenge.
  2. You must post at least 3 pictures showing your progress. You can post these during the challenge or at the end. You can share as much or as little as you want about the products and techniques you used.
  3. You will have until June 30th to post your pictures. Your completed gourd is the only one that will be judged and voted on.

 Judging and voting:

  • Pictures of all the finished gourds will be put in one album named 2nd Gourd Challenge 2016 – “Back In the Day”.
  • Voting will begin on July 5th with a post made to the CGS Facebook page to the album 2nd Gourd Challenge 2016 – “Back In the Day”, with a call for votes.
  • Anyone that likes the CGS Facebook page can vote for their favorite gourds. You can vote for your own.
  • Voting is easy; all that one has to do is like the picture. Click on the picture you want to vote on and like it. Like = Vote
  • You can vote for more than one entry
  • Voting ends at midnight PST. on July 9th.
  • The winner will be announced on July 11th with a new post on our Facebook page.
  • There is only one winner. If there is a tie vote, we will draw names from those.
  • Only one prize is awarded.

 Let’s all have some gourd fun! Good Luck!



 2016 California State Fair Crafts and the California Crafts Exhibitions
July 8th thru July 24th

Division 112 Gourds
The Competitive Classes will be:

                                                                            1. Pyrography
                                                                            2. Painted/Colored
                                                                            3. Carved/Filigree
                                                                            4. Other Gourd Art

The 2016 California State Fair Crafts and the California Crafts exhibitions will be July 8th thru July 24th.
For the most current and up to date information: cost, entry form and mailing instructions please check the CALEXPO website: http://calexpo.com/ or the California State Fair website: http://www.castatefair.org/home/

Competition Handbook: http://www.castatefair.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Crafts-Final-2.19.pdf


Orange County Gourd Patch Gourd Exhibit
Gallery Building in Centennial Farm
Orange County Fair Grounds 
Costa Mesa, CA

July 15 - August 14

 Just Added
California Gourd Society Statewide
Northern Gourd Art Competition and Exhibit
October 8th & 9th,  2016 

Hosted by
The Calabash Club of Silicon Valley - 5th Annual Gourd Festival
San Martin, CA 95046

Complete Competition Details!

The Calabash Club of Silicon Valley - 5th Annual Gourd Festival

Just Added 8th Feature
California Gourd Society Statewide
Northern Gourd Art Competition and Exhibit
  Hosted by CCSV

October 8th & 9th,  2016 
Held at Uesugi Farms,14485 Monterey Rd. San Martin, CA 95046.

There are seven main features of our GourdFest, all focused on our Mission – Education in Gourds

ONE:  The Make and Take tables, for children of all ages.  For a nominal fee, a kit bag is purchased, and then taken to one of the tables.  There a Calabash Volunteer will provide the child with paints, brush, glitter, cording, and whatever else is needed to make the little gourd critter, shard necklace, or decorative hanging.  The projects are designed so that when they are dry, the child can take it home.  Some parents even purchase additional kits for later use.

 TWO: There are free demonstrations, not only at the Calabash Demonstration Booth, but throughout the Fest booths.  At the Demonstration Booth, Calabash members show how to clean, cut, and prepare a gourd, as well as some of the more popular methods of decoration.  Throughout the Fest, there is gourd burning by accomplished artists, and everyone is more than willing to explain how a particular gourd item was produced.

 THREE:  The Exhibiting Artists and the Supply booths.  The Calabash Club has a booth of its own, where all members can exhibit and sell.  Other individual artists, sometimes in pairs, will take their own booth.  The Fest is open to anyone doing gourds as an art form, not just Calabash members.  Other booths have materials and books for sale.

 FOUR:   At the Information Booth, Calabash Volunteers provide general information about gourds and point out the various features of the GourdFest.  They also pass out printed information about The Calabash Club, including a membership application.

 FIVE:  There is an Opportunity Drawing, consisting of art donated to the Fest by participating Club members, and a free door prize - a basket chock full of gourd goodies, including a gift certificate for a one year Calabash membership. Anyone who visits the information booth and fills out a free door prize drawing ticket has a chance at winning the free door prize.

 SIX:  Classes in Gourd Art.  Each year, several professional gourd art teachers are recruited, to each teach a day class in a specific gourd technique. In 2015, we had Vickie Echols (Fancy Raffia Basket, Rainbow Swirls Basket); Kristy Dial (Fancy Shawl, Spirit Dreamer); and Jelena Clay (Hawaiian Sun, Fretwork Tropical Vase). Each class is about 6 to 8 students.  Interested students should consult our web page, www.GourdFest.com to see who the teachers will be for 2016, what projects they are offering to teach, and to find an application for enrollment.

 SEVEN: The People’s Choice Award. This year, after a hiatus of several years, we have decided to offer a People’s Choice feature.  In this, any individual, not just gourd club members, can bring a piece of gourd art to display.  Fest goers, The People, can peruse the display of gourds, and vote for the gourd of their choice.  In a way, this is a competition, but there are no official judges.  Everybody gets to vote for the gourd of their choice.

 Website: www.GourdFest.com

 Vendor inquiries: 

More information coming soon, check back.



California Gourd Society Statewide
Gourd Art Competition and Show

October 15th - 16th

Carved * Pyrography * Filigree * Fretwork

Elk’s Club
212 Elk Lane
Santa Ana, CA 92701

In conjunction with the
Orange County Woodcarvers at their 20th Annual Show & Competition,  Santa Ana, CA

Complete Competition Details