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Governing Questions:

Question: Our gourd group is applying for a grant and need a copy of the CGS 501c 3 form. How do I get a copy of the CGS 501c3 form?
Answer: You can get a copy of the IRS acceptance letter for CGS nonprofit status from the CGS Treasurer. Contact information can be found on the About US Page at
http://www.californiagourdsociety.com/About.php .

Note: If the treasurer is not available the forms are in the CGS Board drop box and can be requested by contacting the CGS Secretary or President.

Insurance Questions:

Question: Who do I contact if my gourd group needs proof of insurance for an event that they are hosting or are participating in, this could be a booth at a festival, County Fairs, classes, retreats or other patch events.

Answer: The CGS Insurance contact is the CGS Secretary.
Contact information can be found on the About US Page at
http://www.californiagourdsociety.com/About.php .

Please note there has been changes and clarification about CGS Insurance 07/29/15.  
See message below:

The CGS Insurance Coverage protects you and members from the public in the event of a law suit due to a covered injury to the third party.  It does not cover the member in the event of an injury to them.  If your patch is doing an event that requires liability coverage please let the CGS know and they will order a certificate.  Please give them enough time to obtain it.  If anyone has a question please feel free to contact CGS Secretary.

Membership Questions:

Question: How long does it take to process the CGS Membership application?

Answer: Membership applications are processed usually once a month by the CGS Membership VP, at which time you will receive a Welcome Letter and CGS Membership Card.

Question: What does my $20 dues pay for?

Answer: Membership Card, Golden Gourd Electronic Newsletter (4 issues), CGS Annual Board Meeting (travel, lodging, meals and facility charge), CGS Competition Facility Charge, CGS President for Travel to AGS meeting, CGS Taxes (for prep), CGS Website, CGS Email Server Constant Contact, Insurance for Events (note: there could be additional charges contact CGS President).

Question: Do I need to be a member of the American Gourd Society to belong to the California Gourd Society?

Answer: While CGS does encourage our members to join the American Gourd Society it is not a requirement to belong to the California Gourd Society.

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